Who's Using QSound Audio Technology




Televisions using QSound's QSurround and QXpander audio technologies.



Company Model Number Technology
AIWA TV-F211ST1 QSurround
AIWA TV-21 ST3 QSurround
AIWA TV-14 ST5 QSurround
AIWA TV-F2400 QSurround
AIWA TV-F2000 QSurround
AIWA TV-SE141 QSurround
AIWA TV-SE201 QSurround
AIWA TV-SE211 QSurround
AIWA VX-F200V1 QSurround
BPL BDR 25 60DA1 QXpander
BPL NXR 29 60XA1 QXpander
BPL Studio Line 29 NCR 60CA1 QXpander
ChangHong T2981S QSurround
Panasonic - QSurround
RCA (TV/DVD) B27TF680 QSurround
RCA (TV/DVD) BLD548 QSurround
Sanyo 28-WN4-VHR QSurround
Sanyo 21-DN4 QSurround
Sanyo 32-C2YC QSurround
Sanyo 28-FWN1 QSurround
Sanyo 28-WP4 QSurround
Sanyo 32-WN4 QSurround
Sanyo 28-WP4 QSurround
Sanyo 28-WN4 QSurround
Sanyo 24-WN4 QSurround
Sharp 32N-WF5H QXpander
Toshiba 21D7 series QSurround
Toshiba 29D7 series QSurround
Toshiba 40RV52U QSurround & QXpander
Toshiba 40RV525U QSurround & QXpander
Toshiba 46RV525U QSurround & QXpander





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