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New Zeebo™ Video Game Console Features Games Created with
QSound's Ripp3D™ Graphics Engine



A new affordable, wireless video game console designed specifically to attract "the next billion" gamers in emerging markets is being launched in Brazil by Zeebo, Inc. and will feature games developed with QSound Labs' award-winning Ripp 3D™ graphics engine. Unveiled as the gaming industry's "fourth console platform" at the recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the Zeebo console uses Qualcomm's mobile MSM chipset and a 528 MHz ARM processor with a BREW developer platform and takes advantage of expanding 3G wireless networks to download games via the ZeeboNet wireless storefront.


At a suggested retail price of $199 for the console and individual game titles priced at around $10, the Zeebo system costs less than mainstream consoles do in developing countries. It can be used on any TV and uses only a fraction of the electricity required by high-end gaming consoles.


With increasing 3G wireless network penetration in emerging countries, the Zeebo system offers an innovative distribution model that allows publishers to securely deliver content while gamers benefit from ease of use and affordability. The first affordable 3D gaming platform for consumers in developing nations, Zeebo is expected to see distribution in Latin America, Asia and beyond.


Game publishers and developers like Capcom, EA Mobile, Gameloft, Glu, and Machineworks Northwest are porting popular, high-end console, PC, and mobile titles to the Zeebo platform. The Zeebo gaming console ships with four games already embedded and additional titles will be available for download from the ZeeboNet wireless store.


Included in the Zeebo embedded titles is Prey Evil, a game developed by Machineworks Northwest using the Ripp3D graphics engine from QSound Labs. Other games available for download created with the Ripp3D engine include the popular Duke Nukem, with more titles forthcoming. QSound is entitled to per-unit royalties from any game using the licensed Ripp3D graphics engine, whether embedded in the gaming console or sold separately from the wireless store.


Ripp3D™ from QSound Labs is a critically acclaimed powerful, standards-based 3D graphics engine with leading game titles such as Prey Mobile, 3D Hunting, and Duke Nukem Mobile to its list of credits. Available for the iPhone and mobile devices which support BREW and Windows Mobile, Ripp3D is a proven graphics engine which allows developers to create visually compelling, immersive 3D games and user interfaces. Ripp3D was awarded "Best Graphics Technology" for Prey Mobile at the 2007 IGN year end awards.


For more information about the new Zeebo game system, please visit the Zeebo, Inc. website.




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