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Fresh from the Lab - QVolume™



QVolume, the latest algorithm from QSound Labs, is designed to accurately and subtly manage variations in audio levels when integrated with TVs, PCs, and today's handheld devices. QVolume removes the need to constantly be adjusting the volume controls when drastic volume changes affect viewing pleasure.


The goal behind QVolume is to be completely transparent for the end user by not causing any noticeable pumping or disruptions to the dynamic range of the original content.


QVolume manages abrupt changes in volume in a seamless and transparent fashion all without noticeably hampering the dynamic range of the original content or introducing artifacts.


QVolume works as well in a multi-channel environment as it does in a single or two-channel setup. Also, since it is a part of QSound's family of CE technologies, it works seamlessly with QSurround and QHD to provide the most natural sounding listening experience possible (all for a fraction of the resources generally required).



  • set once and forget volume control
  • abrupt fluctuations in volume level are completely transparent to the listener
  • does not introduce artifacts or affect how the audio was intended to sound
  • the most optimized solution in the industry
  • mono, stereo or multi-channel content
  • can be easily paired with QSound's CE product portfolio



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