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QSound's Ripp3D™ Graphics Engine Powers New 3D Hunting Mobile Game for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch



Now available from Apple's App Store, the latest release of 3D Hunting: Trophy Whitetail, Championship 2009 is the first mobile video game targeted for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch to utilize QSound Labs' award winning Ripp3Dô graphics engine. 3D Hunting: Trophy Whitetail is a hunting simulation game by MachineWorks Northwest that accurately models environmental factors such as wind, rain and uses advanced AI to simulate animal behaviour.


In this version of 3D Hunting: Trophy Whitetail, QSound's Ripp3D graphics engine delivers technically sophisticated, stunning 3D landscapes and polygonal animals with advanced animation. Prey react realistically to scent, noise, and visuals. Along with improved graphics, new animals and better weapons, 3D Hunting: Trophy Whitetail, Championship 2009 allows hunters to use all the tools of the trade to bag a trophy buck including scent maskers, deer calls, map, and binoculars, making for an overall compelling deer hunting experience. Through the game’s incredible 3D environments you can roam through trees in the rain while stalking your prey in any area through-out North America. Weapons include a lever-action, bolt action and scoped rifle along with a bow and arrow. After the hunt you can view the Trophy Room to see your prize in the form of a 3D animation.


The Apple iPhone platform has become a revolutionary mobile gaming device and when it is combined with the ease of use and power of Ripp3D, these next generation mobile games truly come to life. With stunning and realistic environments rendered on the fly, users are drawn into the game on a level which until now could only be achieved by traditional console systems. Ripp3D is a proven graphics engine which was chosen as the Best Graphics Technology at the 2007 IGN year end awards.










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