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PC Games
Black & White Lionhead Studios
Nihilist Philips Media
From Dusk Till Dawn Gamesquad
Hyperblade Activision
Dirt Racer Accolade, Inc.
SpyCraft: The Great Game Activision
Zork Nemesis Activision
Cuba-10 Activision
Dungeon Keeper 2 Bullfrog Productions
Populous: The Beginning Bullfrog Productions
Populous 3 Bullfrog Productions
Cyberbots – Limited Edition Capcom
Starship Titanic Digital Village Ltd.
TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament ‘96 Dream Weavers
EA Sports Football Manager II Electronic Arts
FIFA Soccer Manager Electronic Arts
Beasts and Bumpkins Electronic Arts
The FA Premier League Football Manager ‘99 Electronic Arts
John Madden Football Electronis Arts
Dawn Patrol – Head to Head Empire
Bob Bondurants High Performance Driving Fathom Pictures
Space Circus Infograms
Terra Nova Looking Glass Technologies
Track Attack MicroProse
Outwars Microsoft/SingleTrac
Aaron vs Ruth Mindscape USA
ABC Sports College Football ‘97 Over Time Sports
ABC Monday Night Football ‘97 OverTime Sports
Diskworld 2 Perfect Entertainment
Assault Rigs Psygnosis
Blue Ice Psygnosis
Shadowmaster Psygnosis
F1 Championship Season 2000 EA Sports
Resident Evil 2 Capcom
Chronicles of the Sword Psygnosis
Formula One 97 Psygnosis
Formula One championship Racing Psygnosis
Rascal Psygnosis
Terracide Simis Eidos Interactive
Missing in Action Simis Ltd.
Secret Garden Moviebook Sound Source Interactive
Black Beauty Moviebook Sound Source Interactive
Lassie Moviebook Sound Source Interactive
Little Rascals Moviebook Sound Source Interactive
Swan Princess Moviebook Sound Source Interactive
Siege Telstar Electronics Studio
Spectre VR Velocity





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