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QSound's QHD Technology Featured in Toshiba DVD Players



Toshiba’s New Line of DVD Players Adds Superior Audio Quality To Its Feature Set With QSound’s QHD Technology



CALGARY, CANADA - September 10, 2002: QSound Labs, Inc. (NASDAQ: QSND), a prominent supplier of audio software solutions, today announced that Toshiba, a leader in DVD technology, will incorporate QSound’s High Definition (QHD™) technology, via Zoran’s Vaddis IV DVD processor chip, into their newest lineup of DVD player offerings (SD1800, SDK510, SD310V). The players are scheduled for release into the U.S. retail market in the 3rd quarter of 2002.

“By incorporating QSound’s technology in our players, we are providing the best audio quality available to our consumers,” said Craig Eggers, Director of Product Planning, DVD/HTA and Portable Digital Products, Toshiba America Consumer Products Inc. “We believe that QSound’s superior 3D audio solutions add significant value to this innovative line of DVD players.”

Current DVD players are designed to be a total entertainment system, rather than just a movie playback device, through their ability to playback not only DVD content, but CDs and MP3 files as well. The QHD enhancement library is ideally suited for this entertainment platform since it applies 3D audio processing to all of this content.

"As one of the world’s leading DVD manufacturers, Toshiba’s endorsement of QSound’s QHD technology is very rewarding,” said David Gallagher, President, CEO, QSound Labs. “With our ability to provide a complete audio enhancement solution, we are well positioned in the DVD market as it continues to grow faster than any previous consumer electronics product in history.”

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