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QSound Labs Launches MusicMatch Co-Branded Version of Its QMaxT Audio Enhancement Software



QMax for MUSICMATCH Now Available for 15 Million MUSICMATCH Jukebox Customers



CALGARY, AB - March 21, 2001 - QSound Labs, Inc. (NASDAQ: QSND), a prominent supplier of audio software solutions, today announced the availability of its co-branded Internet audio enhancement software, "QMax™ for MUSICMATCH®." MUSICMATCH will offer the new product to its more than 15 million MUSICMATCH Jukebox® customers worldwide via the "Get Gear" section at and through other marketing initiatives. QMax for MUSICMATCH is available for download for $14.95.

"QMax gives MUSICMATCH Jukebox fans an impressive boost of digital audio sound," said Christopher Allen, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at MUSICMATCH. "With QMax, music fans now can use a variety of audio effects to customize the sound of their digital music through their MUSICMATCH Jukebox."

"The synergy between QSound and MUSICMATCH is exceptional," said David Gallagher, President and CEO of QSound Labs. "MUSICMATCH focuses on providing its Jukebox users the personalized music they want, and QSound's QMax software turns that music into a richer and fuller 3D audio experience."

About MUSICMATCH Jukebox:
The award-winning MUSICMATCH Jukebox is a complete personal music system, delivering personalized music software and services that let people find and listen to the music that best matches their unique tastes. MUSICMATCH invented the digital music jukebox in 1997 and now, one of the most highly acclaimed digital music programs, MUSICMATCH Jukebox is enjoyed by more than 15 million people worldwide. MUSICMATCH Jukebox is available in Plus or Basic (free) versions for music fans on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms, and can be downloaded today at

QMax for MUSICMATCH encircles the user with sound, dramatically enhancing the sound quality of MP3 files and other downloadable and streamed Internet audio formats. QMax is based on QHD™; QSound's "High Definition Audio for the Internet". QHD is an industry-leading suite of audio tools, designed specifically to enhance and improve Internet audio and includes the following:

QVerb: Personalizes the listening environment. Experience your music as if it was being played in a hall, theatre or stadium.

QBass: Controls the amount of low frequency for any speaker system, thereby adding a deep rich bass sound, especially important in multimedia systems.

QSizzle: Tracks the input signal, dynamically processing upper frequencies in order to replace detail and presence lost through digital sound file compression.

Presets: Retain your favorite settings for specific types of music under a name of your choosing e.g. soft listening, hard rock, salsa. Always have them at hand for your listening enjoyment.

Maximize MP3: Optimizes the QVerb, QBass, and QSizzle settings for your MP3 listening experience.

Headphones/Speakers: Allows you to optimize the 3D audio environment.



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