3D Sound Store Products Overview

For Consumers: Home Stereos or PCs

While QSound Labs' primary business is audio technology licensing to OEMs, QSound also offers several audio enhancement software programs for sale direct to consumers through our 3D Sound Store.

Enhance your home stereo or PC with state-of-the-art QSound technology available through these inexpensive, easy-to-install consumer products:


Discover an immersive PC audio experience with QMAX II. Created with QSounds High Definition audio library (QHD), QMAX II adds brilliance and depth to MP3s and streaming internet radio. Transform flat, tinny MP3 audio sounds into a rich 3D audio experience for only $24.95!

iQms II

Built exclusively for use with Windows Media Player 9 using QSound’s High Definition audio technology (QHD™), iQms2 dramatically enhances WMP 9 audio output. iQms2 also uses QSound's QRumble™ and QSizzle™ to add punch and brilliance to music. You can even customize your settings to optimize the 3D audio experience for your personal taste with iQms2’s built-in multi-band equalizer, headphone and speaker modes, and QVerb™ effects. Only $14.95!


Join the over four million Real Player and Real Jukebox users who have already transformed their standard PC sound into the most realistic 3D audio experience available! iQfx3, designed for RealNetworks RealOne Player®, makes streaming audio and MP3s come alive for only $19.95!


QDVD uses QSound’s High Definition audio technology (QHD™) to provide an incredibly improved playback experience for DVDs, CDs, and MP3s. Hear the awesome stereo expansion effects of QXpander and the dynamic frequency enhancement of QSizzle and QRumble. QDVD is as close as you can come to downloading more speakers for your system. Built exclusively for use with InterVideo’s WinDVD 3, WinDVD 4 and WinDVD Platinum players. Only $14.95!


QTools/AX is a set of 3 plug-ins for any Direct-X compatible Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT or XP audio editor. QTools/AX includes QSYS™, QSound's mono-to-3D localizer, QX™, our patented stereo enhancer, and Q123™, which converts a mono track into 3D stereo in a single pass.  This is a fantastic application for people with a home studio, or who enjoy making music on their PC.  You can radically change the way you create audio tracks for only $79.95!


UltraQ® is QSound Labs revolutionary hardware component that works with your existing audio systems. Simply plug it in to your computer, television or home stereo, and your audio experience will never be the same again! UltraQ greatly improves the depth and realism of any 2-speaker system for only $29.95.


AudioPix is an easy-to-use software product that puts the power of multimedia into your hands. Create unique personal slideshows that include bakcground music, voice and text commentary. Then, share your creations with friends and family through email, or by streaming from a web site. Just $29.95!


With QSound's QCreator® software utility program, mono WAV and AIFF audio files can be altered to create more life-like 3Dstereo sound. Create your own realistic sound effects and control where the sound moves. The sounds are so real, if you close your eyes, you'll feel like you can reach out and touch them. Only $19.95!

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