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Guitar Hero® World Tour Mobile Visuals Rendered with
Ripp3D™ Graphics Engine from QSound Labs



Following the phenomenal success of Guitar Hero® III Mobile with over 2.5 million downloads, Guitar Hero® World Tour Mobile continues to provide mobile gamers with the opportunity to rock out to their favorite songs while on the go. Using QSound Labs' award winning Ripp3D™ graphics engine to render the 3D rockstar models and flashy stage graphics, the mobile edition of this popular console game was developed by MachineWorks Northwest and published by Hands-On Mobile.


Originally released in late 2008 on Verizon, Guitar Hero® World Tour Mobile was named the "Best Multiplayer Game" in IGN's Best of 2008 year-end awards in the wireless category. Offering an online multi-player feature and the ability to play either guitar or drums to a variety of songs, Guitar Hero® World Tour Mobile pushes mobile gaming boundaries to deliver entertaining rock 'n' roll fun that sounds and looks good whether you are using low- or high-end handsets. Users of high-end phones will enjoy a better gaming experience though, as the 3D graphics are available on smartphones using BREW or Windows Mobile platforms. Multiple key presses are also supported on high-end phones, adding an element of difficulty for playing chords.


Ripp3D™ is a fast and efficient standards-based 3D graphics solution from QSound Labs, available for the iPhone and mobile devices which support BREW and Windows Mobile. With over 3 million Ripp3D-created games such as Prey Mobile, 3D Hunting, and Duke Nukem Mobile downloaded onto mobile devices, Ripp3D is a proven graphics engine that allows developers to create visually stunning 3D games and user interfaces for a compelling, immersive experience. Ripp3D is a critically acclaimed graphics engine and was chosen as the "Best Graphics Technology" for Prey Mobile at the 2007 IGN year end awards.


For more information about Guitar Hero® World Tour Mobile, please visit the Guitar Hero Mobile website.




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