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Symbian Partner Event 2008, London



Over 450 delegates from Symbian's multi-faceted global ecosystem met to network and showcase their technologies at the first Symbian Partner Event of 2008 held at the Hilton London Metropole Hotel on April 29. The day's proceedings started with an opening address from Symbian CEO Nigel Clifford, followed by keynote presentations from Symbian, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung executives. Topics included the Internet and mobility, partnership and collaboration within the Symbian ecosystem, and creating rich multimedia experiences for mobile devices. An in-depth debate on open innovation from the panel team addressed challenges in evolving a viable mobile ecosytem for continued innovation and growth.


The afternoon agenda included breakout sessions which provided attendees with the opportunity to explore specialized areas of focus. These included an introduction to Symbian's new communication architecture, Symbian's next generation graphics architecture, and rollout plans for the introduction of Symbian's new SQL database which will soon be available to the mass market on v9.3 devices.


The exhibition area ran throughout the day, and featured over 35 partners showcasing the very best applications and technologies the Symbian ecosystem has to offer. QSound Labs CEO David Gallagher, and Shawn Richards, Director of Business Development - QSound Europe, demonstrated QSound's mQFX, mQ3D and QSurround Mobile audio technologies. A day prior to the Partner Event, on April 28, Symbian and QSound announced that mQFX and QSurround Mobile will be available in Symbian OS developer and customer kits as reference components.


mQFX, QSound's 3D stereo audio enhancement effects, and QSurround Mobile, the industry-leading multichannel audio virtualization technology, will provide extended functionality for Symbian OS-based mobile phones, delivering to the growing global market for smartphones, a superior listening experience for all types of multimedia content. mQFX is ideally suited for mobile devices with multimedia functionality, providing powerful spatial, spectral and volume control effects for enhancing music playback. QSurround Mobile virtualizes 5.1 decoded surround content plus stereo and mono content with unparalleled efficiency for low resource consumption, making it the audio virtualizing algorithm of choice for mobile devices.


QSound Labs is proud to be a Symbian Platinum Partner and is pleased to have been invited to exhibit at this successful and engaging event. Photos of the event are available on the Symbian website at:






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