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New Line of Oracom Portable Media Players Feature QSound's mQFX™ Audio Enhancement Suite



A new series of portable media players (PMPs) enhanced with QSound’s industry leading mQFX™ digital audio effects suite is now available from Oracom, the Korean manufacturer of innovative mini PMPs and MP3 players. The Oracom A7, A9plus, and recent A10 and W30 all feature a set of user adjustable audio enhancement effects from QSound Labs for the ultimate high-end sound experience from a portable media player.


With its new line of portable media devices, Oracom delivers a versatile mini PMP experience that includes music, videos, photos, DMB TV and FM radio, all accessible through a haptic touch-sensitive interface designed to maximize viewing experience and ease of use. The new Oracom W30 and A10 models are feature packed and available in 4GB and 8GB versions. With a slim form factor (96mm x 55mm x 12mm and 74g), and a crisp, sharp 3-inch TFT LCD touchscreen, they come with USB 2.0, a microSD expansion slot and support for MPEG4, AVI, WMV, ASF, MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, TXT and JPEG. Both devices feature touch screen note taking, making it possible to write and draw memo’s. Other features include a full electronic dictionary and a microphone for voice recording.


For audiophiles looking for high-quality sound while listening to music on the go, the new line of Oracom PMPs features an impressive range of controls to adjust music playback to suit individual preferences. QSound's mQFX suite of advanced audio effects allows users to enjoy a rich, immersive personalized music listening experience like no other.


mQFX is QSound’s leading-edge audio effects suite for mobile multimedia devices, delivering high-performance spatial and spectral audio enhancements along with dynamic volume and range controllers. mQFX technologies featured in the new line of Oracom PMPs include QXpander®, QSound's proprietary 3D spatial processing technology for an expanded stereo image, which delivers a richer, more natural sounding and less fatiguing listening experience; QRumble™ for dynamic low-frequency sound enhancement; and QSizzle™ for adaptive mid to high frequency enhancement, restoring vibrancy to compressed MP3s. QEQ™ static multi-band equalization with several presets for various music genres and a user defined EQ setting are also included.


Oracom's new PMPs are competitively priced and currently available in Korea. For more information, please visit the Oracom website.









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