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LG Releases KF600, Global GSM/EDGE Handset with microQ®



LG has announced the KF600, its next high-end handset designed to wow mobile users worldwide. Enhanced by QSound's microQ® digital audio technology, the LG KF600 is the GSM counterpart of the US CDMA-enabled LG Venus VX8800, which was released on Verizon in November, 2007. The latest model continues the "touching" tradition of recent LG successes - the Chocolate, Shine and PRADA. The KF600 will begin selling this month in China, Mexico, Brazil, and Turkey. Starting in February, 2008, this fashionable new model will become available worldwide, as LG continues its strategy of globalization and localization by aggressively promoting design-focused premium handsets to emerging economy mobile phone markets.


Like the Venus, the KF600 features a dual screen interactive touchpad technology dubbed InteractPad, and also has a full numeric slider keypad hidden beneath the large main screen. The true beauty of the KF600 lies not so much in its form factor or design but in its seamless dual display setup on the front panel. The InteractPad, located on the lower half of the front panel, replaces conventional navigation keys with a touch-sensitive display that changes in accordance to the context. It provides intuitive media controls for the music player, acts as a scroll wheel for content lists, zoom-dials for pictures taken with the camera, plays specially designed Touch Games, or provides extra input keys in messaging mode. The main user interface of the new KF600 even offers several unique graphic themes designed by world-renowned artist Keith Haring, that can change the look and feel of the device.


In addition to the unique touch pad with haptic feedback and the 240×320 QVGA main display, the KF600 also offers a 3.0 megapixel camera with autofocus, GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity, a media player, as well as Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 support for data transfer. Notably, the LG KF600 also features polyphonic ringtones enhanced by QSound's leading-edge microQ® portable digital audio engine. microQ, a compact, efficient software audio technology engineered by QSound Labs, enables 3D sound for games, polyphonic ringtones and enhanced music playback effects for mobile devices. Now optimized for most major mobile platforms, microQ continues to gain implementation as the software audio engine of choice for many of the world's leading mobile device manufacturers.


Considering the impressive success of its predecessors and its compelling feature set, the new KF600 slider is expected to be another well-received handset from LG.






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