Spotlight Features 2009



2009 Spotlight Features highlighting developments in the evolution and deployment of QSound's leading edge digital audio technology.


New Zeebo™ Video Game Console Features Games Created with QSound's Ripp3D™ Graphics Engine


A new affordable, wireless video game console designed specifically to attract "the next billion" gamers in emerging markets is being launched in Brazil by Zeebo, Inc. and will feature games developed with QSound Labs' award-winning Ripp 3D™ graphics engine.
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QSound's Ripp3D™ Graphics Engine Powers New 3D Hunting Mobile Game for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch


Now available from Apple's App Store, the latest release of 3D Hunting: Trophy Whitetail, Championship 2009 is the first mobile video game targeted for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch to utilize QSound Labs' award winning Ripp3D™ graphics engine.
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Guitar Hero® World Tour Mobile Visuals Rendered with Ripp3D™ Graphics Engine from QSound Labs


Following the phenomenal success of Guitar Hero® III Mobile with over 2.5 million downloads, Guitar Hero® World Tour Mobile continues to provide mobile gamers with the opportunity to rock out to their favorite songs while on the go. Using QSound Labs' award winning Ripp3D™ graphics engine to render the 3D rockstar models and flashy stage graphics, the mobile edition of this popular console game was developed by MachineWorks Northwest...
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Popular Toshiba LCD TV Models Enhanced with QSound's QSurround® and QXpander®
Audio Technologies


Included in Toshiba’s recently announced full 2009 line-up of LCD televisions are the RV52 and RV525 series featuring audio enhancement with QSound’s QSurround® and QXpander® technologies. Available in 40-inch or 46-inch screen sizes, these popular entry-level series of 1080p full HD televisions offer consumers impressive image and sound quality at attractive price points...
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