voice enhancement software The QVoice™ Competitive Edge
  • Advanced DSP-based solution
    for handsets & headsets
  • Clear natural sounding
    speech without artifacts
  • Unsurpassed performance
    in noisy environments
  • Low memory use & small
    processing footprint
  • Single-vendor audio solution:
    - Simplifies licensing and
       integration processes
    - Saves platform resources
    - Reduces development costs
  • Optimized for CSR BlueCore5-
    Multimeda family of ICs
  • Optimized for ARM 7/9/11
    and ARM Cortex+Neon processor families



for Mobile Devices and Media Players



QVoice is a unique, feature-rich noise reduction and echo cancellation software solution for mobile phones, hands-free car phone systems and headsets. Offering exceptional natural-sounding speech clarity in noisy environments, QSound's QVoice high performance algorithms deliver the most effective, efficient, leading quality voice solution available on the market today.


QVoice includes adaptive algorithms with fast convergence for bi-directional noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation and noise-dependent automatic volume control. Designed for single and dual* microphone input and highly optimized for low resource consumption with a small memory footprint, it provides a tunable solution for a variety of devices.


QVoice proprietary technology identifies background noise mixed with the signal and intelligently auto-tunes the noise reduction algorithm to cancel different noise type including: road/traffic/engine noise, environmental/background music/babble noise and wind noise. Subsequently the speech enhancement algorithm compensates for any adverse effects, resulting in clear natural-sounding speech, even when background noise is dominant.


QVoice can be bundled with QSound’s mQFX 3D stereo enhancement effects suite, offering OEMs a complete Wireless Audio Solution with voice and music enhancement all in one package from a single vendor. With over 20 years proven expertise in digital audio processing, QSound Labs is the only software developer able to provide a full range of voice and audio solutions.


* Calibration required with customer device



Product Suite


The QVoice suite of voice enhancement technology consists of:


  • TX / RX noise reduction and speech enhancement
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Noise-dependent volume control in RX
  • Hearing exposure monitoring and alert in A2DP / HSP


Optional Music Effects Enhancement Module



Noise-Dependent Auto Volume Control

  • adjusts the volume based on ambient noise
  • utilises accurate ambient noise estimation
  • smooth and natural transition between levels
  • intelligent tracking for optimum voice quality
  • avoids startle effects - no sudden changes
  • maintains previous signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • no need to constantly adjust volume buttons



Bi-Directional Noise Reduction

  • excellent performance with all noise types
  • simultaneous noise reduction in TX and RX
  • up to 20dB noise attenuation
  • noise identification for optimal tuning
  • fast convergence with low delay
  • integrated speech enhancement
  • works well when in tandem with a 2nd NR





Acoustic Echo Cancellation

  • cancel echos coupled from speaker to mic
  • fast convergence & deep echo cancellation
  • robust double-talk performance
  • processes up to 64msec including echo tail
  • handles multiple echos within the frame
  • full duplex






User Exposure Monitoring and Alert

  • continuously monitors acoustic energy
    through the headset
  • calculates accumulative hearing exposure
    in HSP and A2DP
  • configurable loudspeaker setting for
    precise measurement
  • notifies user if pre-defined acoustic energy level is reached
  • notification message can be deactivated
    and reactivated






Optimization and Integration


Audio solutions by QSound Labs have been rigorously optimized with the participation of our major industry partners focusing on three critical requirements: Quality, Memory Footprint, and Performance.


QSound’s comprehensive suite of new voice enhancement technologies are optimised to run on Kalimba DSP and ARM 7/9/11/Cortex+Neon processors. The Master Headset Application combination of audio and voice solutions from QSound are ideal for module selection and speedy integration to deliver new products with unique features.


For detailed technical information, please contact a QSound representative or email us at info@qsound.com.





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