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QSound Labs' AudioPixT Software to Be Included On KODAK Picture CD



AudioPix will be available to Kodak Picture CD Users Starting in May



Calgary, Alberta - April 25, 2000 -- QSound Labs, Inc. (NASDAQ: QSND), a leading developer of audio, e-commerce and multimedia software products, announced that beginning in early May, QSound's AudioPix multimedia software will be included on the popular Kodak Picture CD from the Eastman Kodak Company. AudioPix, which will be distributed free of charge on the Kodak Picture CD, will contain a link to QSound's AudioPix Web site providing the consumer with the opportunity to upgrade to the enhanced features of the AudioPix Plus version for only $19.95.

Kodak Picture CD is available across the country and can be ordered by simply checking a box on the envelope provided by a Kodak Picture Processing retailer or photofinisher. Kodak Picture CD includes the consumer's digital pictures and a variety of built-in software tools for photo editing, printing, web publishing and sending photos via email. The addition of QSound's AudioPix software will allow these consumers to easily develop their own personal multimedia presentations - creating lasting memories with their favorite photos and MP3s. Kodak Picture CD sales have grown significantly in the Year 2000 with over 760,000 sales being reported in the first two months of the year, more than 30% of all of 1999 sales.

"QSound's AudioPix software adds a new dimension to picture sharing on Kodak Picture CD," said Margaret Jones, worldwide marketing manager, Kodak Picture CD. "By letting people easily work with JPEG and MP3 files to create rich media slide shows, the software is bringing 'high-tech' features to the consumer market by making it easy to do more with pictures."

"As a major player in the digital photography world the introduction of AudioPix to Kodak's large contingent of digital photo users will provide us the perfect audience for both AudioPix and AudioPix Plus," said David Gallagher, President and CEO, QSound Labs.

About AudioPix:
AudioPix is the ultimate, easy-to-use software application that puts the power of multimedia into the hands of everyone. AudioPix allows users to combine MP3 sound files with digital photos and images to create personal multimedia slideshow presentations. Completed AudioPix creations can be played back with either RealPlayerTM or Windowsâ Media Player. For more information about AudioPix and AudioPix Plus visit


About KODAK Picture CD:
Created and co-marketed with Intel Corporation, Kodak Picture CD lets consumers experience the benefits of digital pictures without the need for a digital camera. When consumers drop off their traditional film to be developed, they have the option of getting their pictures loaded onto Kodak Picture CD, a CD-ROM that includes built-in photo-editing software from Adobe Systems, Incorporated. Kodak Picture CD also includes built-in software for fun picture projects such as e-mailing pictures to friends and family and adding special effects to pictures. To date, Kodak has sold more than 2.7 million CDs since February 1999. For more information about Kodak Picture CD, visit


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